Sunday, November 20, 2016

You Want A Dollhouse, But What One?

So you want a dollhouse, you've always wanted a dollhouse in fact, but...never had room for one, never had time for one, didn't know where to start. Well, maybe I can help a little. First you need to decide on the scale, do you want a 1:12 scale dollhouse, maybe smaller, 1:24 or even smaller. This was an easy decision for me...1:12 scale means if it's a foot it's a inch. Easy peasy...that was the one for me (not to mention, holding miniatures, even with tweezers can be tricky for big fat fingers). 

Okay, now you've decided on the scale, Where are you going to put your dollhouse? If you go with the 1:12 scale, you will have a pretty big house. Do you want to make your house, or buy it already assembled. For me, it was about the decorating, not the assembly so I went with a house already built, luckily I found one at a great price. Be patient they're out there, you just have to search. You may find one that needs new wallpaper, flooring or some minor fixing up. You can do it! Fixing a dollhouse isn't difficult, but keep in mind you do need patience (glue dries slowly when you're waiting and watching). Believe me when I tell you I'm not a patient person, but I do love crafting so if you can craft you can work on a dollhouse. 

Okay, are you ready to invest in that dollhouse? Not sure, do what I did, first a room or shadow box to see if you really love it. If you can't get it decorated fast enough and can't wait to change it the minute you've finished it, you're probably ready for something bigger. 

Still not sure, how about a small house with one or two rooms to try out. Maybe a tiny cottage...

This sweet little house has one large room and a tiny attic. It's been my flower shop, family room and now dining room. Perfect for making sure I wanted a dollhouse, small enough to sit on a side table and easy enough to change for holidays. Loved it, still love it, but, outgrew it quickly. So I knew I needed (and wanted) a bigger house. 

Maybe a small cottage is all you need. If you'd like a small cottage or one or two room dollhouse, be sure that the room or rooms can be what you want them to be. Do you want to decorate a kitchen, master bedroom or nursery? If so this type of house/cottage won't work for you. The windows and door placement in this small house limit the rooms you can create in it, but for me a shop, dining room or living room in this house work out perfect. 

Once you've decided you truly want that big dollhouse, have a plan in your head when shopping. What rooms do want your house to have. Do you need a dining room? Do you have to have a craft room or nursery? Can some of the rooms be a baby's room this year and a play room, den or game room next year? 

Of course there are a lot more questions like do you want electricity, do you want hardwood floors or carpeting, should you paint or use wallpaper, etc... but these are the fun ones that come after you decide on the type of house you want and where you'll put it. 

Have fun, create and always remember if you outgrow your dollhouse, have to move, want a new one or just need a new style, there will be someone out there who would love to have your dollhouse. 

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