Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dollhouse Shadow Boxes

So now that my dollhouse is full and almost completely decorated, it's time to decorate shadow boxes (or get more dollhouses of course). The nice thing about shadow boxes is you can easily change them for the holidays or different room settings. Depending on what style you want that month. 

I purchased this shadow box already painted, with this fantastic built in fireplace. I'm not really in love with the floor though so I might be changing that soon. 

 The fireplace was easy to decorate in a matter of minutes I was happy with it. 

Right now I have simple White furniture in here along with a great hand braided rug. I made the tiny wall quilt on the left and added a Christmas tree and framed Christmas picture to the back corner. Under the window sits my favorite miniature birdcage with two tiny blue lovebirds perched on the top of the cage. 

The great shades on the window, really roll up. I'm working on getting these in the shop

Above the front door I hung a large White wreath I experimented on (not sure how I feel about it) and on the arm of the chair I have the tiny granny square I crocheted under the magnifying glass last week (wow is it tiny).
A vintage wood buffet table stands under the other windows (for now, may put a different table here soon) decorated with Christmas Cards and a pretty Poinsettia. Above the windows is a "It's the most wonderful time of the year" sign and a string of Christmas cards. 

That's it, my shadow box decorated for the holiday, but can quickly be changed for any season, holiday or occasion. 

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