Monday, November 28, 2016

A Repurposed Vintage Shadow Box Turns Into A New Kitchen

The "Remodeled" New Kitchen

I found this old shadow box that looked a little beat up, but I instantly saw the new kitchen I needed for photos. Sometimes getting good pictures of new miniatures in my dollhouse can be tricky, depending on the light, room and object. I needed a bigger, brighter kitchen and saw it with this box and great Black and White Tiled Floor. 

I decided to keep the paint and see if it would work, it's working for me with the White appliance right now, but who knows what color it will be in the future. The shadow box was probably a diner or shop at one time because of the same entryway on the right. I thought it would make a great pantry. 

Here's what it the shadow box looked like when I brought it home

After cleaning the walls and floors, I cleaned out the fireplace and added the curtains. Next I added my appliances and cabinets (of course I moved them around in several different ways, several different times)
The coffee pot found it's spot right away. I added a backsplash behind
the sink and hung hand crocheted pot holders under the microwave.
A filled baker's rack fits perfectly next to the fridge, a tiny decorate shabby step ladder sits in front of the pantry door. A cute "hand drawn" turkey picture decorates the center island

Family pictures, recipes and a picture of home decorate the front of the fridge

I made chalkboard signs for the walls along with a couple vintage
ones for the top of the cabinets and decorated the fireplace with Thanksgiving cut outs. 
The pantry is still a work in progress, but a cute Blue shelf holds some groceries, a broom and
feather duster also help decorate the space. 
A pretty fern and soft White Eyelet curtains brought helped bring the little kitchen back to life. Now it's a sunny bright spot perfect for picture taking and mini holiday decorating. 

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