Sunday, November 20, 2016

Santa's Office, Dollhouse Miniatures in Lantern

You know you love miniatures when, you can always find a new place to display them. How about Santa's office in a lantern? 

I had a lantern (lots of them in fact) and a few miniatures (let's be honest lots of those too) that I wasn't using. So...I thought... I'll make Santa's office in here. 

First I added the brick wall and floor (scrapbook paper). Next I added the comfy armchair and small vintage wood hutch (I know it isn't a desk, but it fit perfectly in the lantern so a hutch it is). Next I made a "Welcome to the North Pole" Sign and got to work accessorizing. I hung Santa's coat from the side of the hutch, put his hat in the chair and decided he needed a vintage Saturday Evening Post to read, couldn't be just any copy, had to be one with a Santa Claus picture on the cover. Next I made the "Ho Ho Ho" blackboard sign and put it on top of the hutch along with a Poinsettia gift basket and some nice old books. 

Inside the hutch I added, wrapped presents, a vintage wood toy, a child's drawing, a December calendar page, mug with candy cane and a of course a naughty/nice list. Inside the drawer I added lots of letters to Santa and hung a tiny wreath on the other hutch door. 
I had a little bit of room left in the lantern so I added the slim Christmas tree and tiny toy sled. Still needed a little something...
pictures of the reindeer. Done, office in a lantern. 

Happy Holidays 

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