Friday, July 1, 2016

Bitsy Nest Story

I'm a talker, not much of a write as you will quickly discover. Hard to believe but my son is a editor. He is always on me, but I'm old and use that as my excuse. Anyway, I'm already off the subject. My new shop Bitsy Nest is up and running and needs a blog so that you can find out what's happening, what's on sale and what the heck 
Bitsy Nest even is. 

I'll make this short (well, you know, sort of short).  I've always been a crafter, doodler and collector of oh so many things (mostly things you would repurpose or use to create something). I've painted, cross stitched, crocheted, knitted, spun, weave, dyed fiber, doodled, etc. I made mohair teddy bears for 12 years, but after two carpal tunnel surgeries and the possibility of another surgery way to soon, it was time to do something else. Since I've crocheted for as long as I can remember, I started working on designing patterns and started Teri Crews Designs (still do this whenever I have a new idea and time to pick up my crochet hooks.). Several of my customers began asking me where to get safety eyes for the toys I design and where could they find the buttons I used. So after doing a little research and seeing how difficult it could be for some people to find the supplies they needed, I opened my second little Etsy shop and began offering some buttons and supplies. 

Shopping for cute buttons kept me busy for quite awhile, after all what crafter 
doesn't love buttons.

Once the shop had been up and running for a couple months,  I was at a local craft shop looking for some pictures to make a tiny shadow box. I was so unhappy with their selection I went on the hunt for a local dollhouse shop. Guess what, not very many local dollhouse shops these days. I searched the internet (hard to believe, but not always as easy as it seems or as quick as those teenage fingers hit those keys). There were hundreds of places to choose from of course, but who has the most competitive prices, most reliable shipping, best quality, best customer service? Lots of questions and lots of time searching. After lots of searching and several orders with both good and very bad experiences, I decided to add dollhouse miniatures to the shop. Not long after a "big girl" dollhouse came to my house. So fun, but miniatures are also great for crafting, floral designs, cake toppers, shadowboxes, dioramas and so on (crafters you know what I mean). 

I couldn't have put this Witch's table together with the supplies I found at my local craft shop. 

After filling the shop with buttons and miniatures, Spring arrived...and Fairy Garden Supplies showed up at my local craft shop. Guess what...not the best selection, so back on the internet I went. I'm loving these! So many cute items to choose from, pretty fairies, whimsical gnomes, trolls, dragons, pixie, houses, accessories and even miniature fairy garden mermaids. So fun. These are great in your garden of course, but they make great gifts, shelf sitters, toppers....again endless possibilities for you creative folk. 

So that's a little of how Bitsy Nest got started. Now how to keep if fun and fresh? My shop owner promises: I'm always looking for new cute, quality items to have in stock. Orders are carefully wrapped and shipped within two business days. I'm here to answer your questions and provide the best customer service possible. Thanks you for stopping by.